Business Solution

In September 1996, Future Gamer, the best PC game magazine in Thailand, was first appeared in public, and the later 12 years, Future Gamer Company is well-known as the top-quality media producer of Thailand. Because of long-time experience and various channels — publications, TV, website, SMS — effectively reaching customers, it can intimately go along with the growth of game industry. Nevertheless, it still continually aim to look for new chances or channels to come closest clients, because it is always aware of its the past 12 years steadily standing in this business until branching out into various kind of media as today, and recognizes that it cannot solely thrive without any companion to confidently step together toward our targets. As the result, in October 2007, Business Solution was established to be in charge of taking care any new chances found in this business under its first plan named “iCafé PLUS”. Nowadays, iCafé PLUS system comprises of several elements being the main tool for strengthening the business and responding to every demand of consumers, they are as the following:

  • Manage PLUS is a highly efficient system of internet café management and a freeware for iCafé PLUS members to use in their internet café. This system can retrospectively audit accounts and is greatly flexible. Shopping PLUS is an 24 hours online shopping system, which furnish to internet café owners to have additional revenue by merchandising products within system, such as game cash or time refill cards, and they have no need to stock products anyway.
  • Play PLUS is a system that provides the clients of internet cafés being iCafé PLUS member with the most benefit from their favorite games, such as special items, battle extra experience, special attack power and any helps in games.
  • Item PLUS is a sale promotional system which unexpectedly more offers a lot of advantages for both iCafé PLUS members and clients, for example, ID Pre Close Beta – special right of first new games touch before others – or many gifts from various game service providers.

From the survey of NECTEC, it displays that, in 1998, there were about 700,000 of internet users in Thailand, as it rapidly jumped to by 7.1 millions in 2005, and the most of users navigating websites are in the range of 20-29 years old or 51.2%. In addition, the latest survey result referenced by shows that, in September 2007, the first two topics navigated through websites the most are entertainment (37.64%) and games (11.41%). These statistics indicate that the game industry is continuously growing, and the group of entertainment consumers can be more easily approached with various game contents. Looking back at the survey outcome about using internet of Thai people reveals that, in 2003, there were only 6.1% using internet in the internet café, but within the later two years, its amount markedly increased to 25.3%. Though, nowadays, how many there are internet cafes in Thailand, it does not mean this business is stuffed anyway, on the contrary, it is incessantly extending more and more.

All of the above is just a part of factors pushing forward to create iCafé PLUS. The main target of this system is to serve three groups of customers -– game service providers, internet café entrepreneurs and internet café clients. To conform with expansion of internet café business and firmly keeping the loyalty clients, the another objective is to change customer behavior to stimulate the growth of this business. These are just some portions of Business Solution’s purposes. From now on, it guarantee that will not only seek for new experience to support its performance, but also searching for new chances to encourage its business partnerships.