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Future Gamer is the authoritative voice for PC and Mobile gaming in Thailand. We are the number one PC and Mobile gaming website in Thailand. Columns that make Future Gamer the first choice among gamers?

• Preplay: Every magazine is accompanied by a playable game disc that features software demos, video trailers, screenshots, and more. These discs provide additional ways in which gamers can interact with games.

• Scoop: The latest news and top-secret information on the games that is soon to be released. Hands-On preview of upcoming games that cannot be found anywhere else.

• Eyewitness: Special reports on gaming related issues such as gaming trends, game shows, gaming industry news, and every odd bits of information that gamers ought to know.

• Reviews: The column that helps guide gamer to buy games. Our editors/hardcore gamers work exclusively with game developer to delivers unbiased definitive, hard-hitting evaluations of the latest game titles.

• Hard Stuff: PC gaming is not just about games but hardware as well. Our team of hardware experts works tirelessly to deliver the industry’s most closely read hardware guide.

• Strategy: Stuck on a game? Don’t know how to beat the brutal boss? Have no fear Future Game is here to provide a detailed play guides for the biggest releases.