The Beginner’s Guide to Playing Roulette

Most casino games can be intimidating at first and one of these games is the roulette. The table’s sea of colors, numbers, and numerous impossibilities are just some of the factors that make it confusing but at the same time interesting.

Yes, it can be true that the roulette table can seem intimidating at the first glance but the casino game is simple to understand once you’ve got the hang of it — the key is to learn how to make the right bet.

The roulette game is all about odds, statistics, and simple physics. The word roulette means the “little wheel,” and it should be a surprise that the spinning wheel was invented by a famous math wizard and gambler. The early roulette wheel was left untouched for the next hundred years until the twin brothers Louis and Francis Blanc came upon it. The brothers added the number zero on the space on the wheel, and then the house edge immediately increased, then it became one of the biggest money winning casino games from then on.

How do you play the roulette?

The rules of roulette are quite simple. The standard roulette consists of a betting table, a spinning wheel, a ceramic ball, and a series of wager options available to players.

Before a round start, simply place your bet in the form of chips on the table and watch as the spinner is also known as the “croupier,” spin the wheel with the ball in motion in the opposite direction.

Once the ball slows down and lands in a numbered pocket, and the bet you made matches the ball’s final landing spot — congratulations, you are a winner! Pretty simple and fun, right?

How do you bet in roulette?

Now that you know the basics of the casino game roulette, let’s go over betting. Roulette tables have their own chips and players are given different chip colors so the croupier would identify whom to give the payout and whom to take from. Also, keep in mind that each roulette table has a minimum bet posted.

There are two key areas for betting in roulette such as the inside and the outside — the minimum bet for each table is generally the same for both inside and outside bets with one difference.

Inside bets allow players to spread out the minimum bet over a range of numbers, while outside bets require the bet to be made to equal the minimum — so if the minimum bet is $10, the inside bet should be made that adds up to $10 and each outside bet must be equal to $10.

Now that you know some of the most important roulette basics and how the betting works, it’s time to play and see the game in action. If you are new to a casino, you have to first find out what the roulette