Why Playing Mobile Games May be Good for You

Mobile games have become one of the most engaging forms of entertainment these days. In fact, gamers spend 6 hours each week playing… and the primary gaming device they use? Tadah! – their mobile phones!

While most find mobile gaming entertaining, some people actually assume that gaming is addictive and it’s arguably bad for one’s cognitive health. However, mobile gaming can actually have a lot of advantages for a child: mentally, physically, and socially, especially when not done excessively.  

Here are some ways mobile games can actually be good for you: 

Stress Relief

Citing the studies, mobile gaming can actually have substantial psychological benefits such as being a simple aid to relieve stress. Regular gamers show lower stress levels, with cortisol, the primary stress-related hormones. Thus, it’ll help you feel relaxed after a long tiring day.

This usually comes with mobile games that promote relaxation, such as Bejeweled, Candy Crush, and Penguin Isle. These games do not need a lot of critical thinking required, but the visuals of the game are quite relaxing. 

Skill Development

Several mobile games require memory, concentration and analytical skills in playing. According to Research by the Queensland University of Technology, mobile games can induce cognitive skill development, as it helps a lot in keeping your brain active and in its best shape.

Furthermore, it can help develop cognitive thinking skills such as:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Problem-solving 
  3. Planning
  4. Decision making
  5. Literacy
  6. Awareness of the environment

All of which are important life skills that we need in our daily lives. 

Eyesight Improvement

If you’re one of those kids who get scolded by their parents for playing online games because they think that you’ll go blind watching the screen all day, you’re not alone. 

Well, too much of anything is really a bad thing. It can cause serious problems such as eyes strain and dry eye syndrome. 

However, on the good side of things, playing online games actually improves visual skills. It’ll help you track several objects at the same time. 

There’s another study cited by National Geographic which claims that online gaming actually improves human ability called contrast sensitivity function. This ability is very beneficial for people driving at night because it helps you discern changes in shades of gray against a colored backdrop.

Improves Social Skills 

One of the most common stereotypes gamers get a lot is that they are introverted and they are anti-social. 

Three research institutions in the UK found that anti-social behavior isn’t really common among gamers, but in fact, they say: “Gamers aren’t the antisocial basement-dwellers we see in pop culture stereotypes; they’re highly social people,” 

The research says gamers have actually formed stronger relationships than non-gamers.

Can Inspire Healthy Behavior

Stanford and Hopelab research finds out that playing mobile games can kill cancer cells. 

The study also mentioned that since it can eliminate cancer cells, it also activates part of the brain that makes one person motivated.  

While there are lots of studies done to prove certain things about gaming, the benefits mentioned above are indeed very impactful in shaping one’s personality and improving lives – mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.